BeatBox Is The Answer To All Of Your Gift Exchange Parties This Holiday Season

Do you have an office gift exchange party coming up that you still need a gift for? A White Elephant around the corner but nothing in the house seems to do the trick? Look no further, because BeatBox is the perfect answer for any holiday event. Why is BeatBox the perfect gift?

BeatBox falls perfectly into the $20-25 spending limit.

Don't waste your time sorting through things that are too cheap, or too expensive. BeatBox is the most fun gift you can give and it falls into the perfect price range.

BeatBox comes in colors that perfectly compliment the holiday season.

Whether your slapping a green bow on top of a box of Fruit Punch or a red bow on top of a box of Lemon Lime, BeatBox comes prepackaged in perfect seasonal colors. (But it's also a box, so it's super easy to wrap if that's your thing.)

BeatBox isn't just a gift to be taken home, but one to be enjoyed at the party.

BeatBox is one of the only gifts that gives back at the party, and isn't just sent home with the recipient. More than likely, whoever receives the gift of fun from you is going to be sharing that fun with everyone at the party (especially you). So what are you waiting for? Head to the store and pick up a box as a gift, or maybe just bring one with you on the side and instantly become the most liked person at the party. (Click the images below to find a store near you or to order online.)

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Order Online

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Happy Holidays!

beatboxmas   Don't Ruin The Party. Please Drink Responsibly. 

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