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In case you've never seen any of our other Facebook posts... or any of our Instagram posts... or any of our cofounders' Facebook or Instagram posts, then there is something that you need to know: Here at BeatBox Beverages, we LOVE dogs. And you know what we love even more than dogs? Seeing dogs and BeatBox together. So from here on out, BeatBox will be hosting a "Dog Of The Week" contest. To enter, simply submit a photo of your pup modeling BeatBox Beverages on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #BeatBoxDogs. Photos can be submitted until midnight every Sunday night, and a winner will be selected every Monday. The winning pups will have their photo plastered across all of our social media pages. Winners will also be entered into a drawing to win awesome BeatBox apparel and accessories ranging from hats and tees for the owners, to dog collars for those winning pups. Now go grab a dog, a camera, and some BeatBox and get that photoshoot started! You can use these photos for motivation.  
Friday vibes (and some snickers) #doggodsoftheweek (@theprincesspumpkin) A photo posted by Justin Fenchel (@well_this_just_in) on
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