BeatBox Shook Things Up In Caesar's Palace At The WSWA Convention In Las Vegas

This past week, we attended the largest gathering of wine and spirit manufacturers in the United States, the WSWA Convention in Las Vegas. For those of you who have no idea what we're talking about, the WSWA convention is basically a huge party for the people who make parties happen. Practically everything you've put in your wine or cocktail glass since you turned 21 is being represented here, and all of their parents are running around trying to explain why their kid is better than yours. All jokes aside, WSWA is an incredible production that wouldn't be possible without the work of Craig Wolf and the WSWA team. The convention consists of a series of events, including tastings by the most sophisticated palates in the industry, chosen quite literally for their good taste. It also holds a ton of significance for being one of the greatest networking events in the alcohol industry, and we made sure to shake some new hands as well as meet up with some old friends.  

The Man Tito Himself

If your taste has matured past rubbing alcohol level vodka, you've probably heard of this man's wonderful creation, Tito's Vodka. It was great to meet back up with this legend who's given us so much great advice over the years. itto  

The Real Housewives Of BeatBox

The Vanderpumps of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were kind enough to show some love for BeatBox. hpuse   And best of all, this event allowed us to make connections with distributors all over the states who are going to help us bring BeatBox to places we've never been before. Let us know where you want to see BeatBox next using our new store request form so that we can make it happen. This time around, what happens in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas. See you next year WSWA. Don't Ruin The Party. Please Drink Responsibly.  squadwswa

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