Brazilian Beats #Rio2016

Customize Your BeatBox To Watch The Olympic Games In Style

There are few things more American than watching athletes compete while simultaneously stuffing your face with delicious food and enjoying drinks with friends. Whether you’re going full-on Pinterest with games and decorations or just hanging out with your friends, we’ve come up with a few Rio-inspired ways to make your drinks festive.

Box-A-Rita Because nothing says summer like a margarita.

2oz Lemon Lime BeatBox Beverages

1 oz silver tequila

1 squeeze lemon

1 squeeze lime Pour over ice Salted rim

Curacao Sangria Brazilians are all about their Sangria, but we’ve put our own twist on it.

Ice shake 8oz of BeatBox Blue Razzberry

1⁄2 oz blueberry rum

1⁄2 oz blue curacao

1⁄2 oz triple sec

1⁄2 oz lime juice

1⁄2 oz sour mix

1 shot glass of sour apple vodka Garnish with lemon and strawberry slices, and maybe a little bit of sugar (dyed red because you’re patriotic

BeatBox Patriotic Punch Nothing brings out American Pride like international competition. In a glass or clear drink dispenser:

Fill the glass or drink dispenser with ice Pour in Fruit Punch BeatBox Beverages GENTLY pour Blue Gatorade Frost onto some of the ice (if you pour directly into the drink, it’ll mix!) Add Diet 7up (or similar beverage), gently onto the ice cubes to prevent mixing.

Rio BoxShots What’s a party without Jello Shots? Place green, red, blue and orange wild berry skittles in separate jars Fill with corresponding colors of BeatBox Beverages and allow to infuse Follow instructions for Jello but instead of water, use your BeatBox-Skittle infusion Pour into cups and refrigerate Display in the Olympic Rings color order

BeatBox Brazilian Lemonade Apparently, Brazilian Lemonade is a thing. 1 parts Lemon Lime BeatBox Beverages 1 part Sprite Squeeze lemon and lime to taste Pour over ice Garnish with lemon or mango

Lifesavers Add the Olympic Rings to your drink by dropping in blue, yellow, purple (to represent black), green, and red Lifesavers. For the best effect, we recommend BeatBox Blue Razzberry and prosecco.

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