Here Are The Top Five Celebrities To Party With BeatBox!

BeatBox Beverages is taking the world by storm, so it's no surprise to see that it's falling into the hands of some pretty familiar people. If you saw social media at all yesterday, you saw that Waka Flocka is a big fan of BeatBox, but he's definitely not the only one. We've compiled a list of our top five celebrity slappers. Who are they? Did Waka make the cut? You're about to find out.

#5 - Dada Life

  Olle and Stefan said it themselves, they were "Born To Rage". And since BeatBox puts the rage in BeveRAGEs, it was a perfect match. Swedes may be known for their vodka consumption, but this DJ Duo decided that boxed wine is something they can get behind, and we can't argue with that.  

#4 - Skrillex

  Dada Life aren't the only DJ's that love Beatbox, Skrillex is clearly a fan as well as he enjoys a glass of our Cranberry Limeade. We can only hope that he will slap the bag before he drops the bass at his concerts from now on.

#3 - Rob Dyrdek

  It's time to take a trip down to the Fantasy Factory, and no, we're not talking about where BeatBox is made.  Professional skateboarder and actor Rob Dyrdek took a particular liking to Cranberry Limeade as well, but we're not sure if that's because he liked the taste or just because it matched his shoes so well. Either way, Rob has made it clear that he is a fan of BeatBox, and anything that says otherwise is just ridiculousness.

#2 - Waka Flocka

  Waka hasn't just slapped the the bag, he's slapped the bag over and over and over again. The Turn Up God is undoubtedly a fan of our product, and if you don't believe us then here is proof.

#1 - Mark Cuban

  Is there any question why Mark Cuban sits atop this list? The businessman, entrepreneur, producer, and TV star is not only incredibly popular, but has also played a huge role in making BeatBox what it is today. Here Mark is sporting some Blue Razz with two lovely ladies as the man in the background casts a demonic glance of jealousy. Can't really blame him though, wouldn't you be jealous?   Don't Ruin The Party. Please Drink Responsibly. 

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