Turnt Up Tours And BeatBox Beverages Have Teamed Up To Give You The Vegas Experience Of A Lifetime

EVERYBODY wants to go to Las Vegas. Those who haven't been to Sin City have that dream vacation sitting atop of their bucket list, and those who have been are saving the money for the day they are able to go back. But no matter how much confidence you have, watching a 15 minute YouTube video on counting cards and taking $500 dollars to the Bellagio isn't going to give you the crazy experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Mostly because you'll be dead broke an hour into the night. Thanks to Turnt Up Tours and their partnership with BeatBox Beverages, we've come up with a way to have the best night in the City of Lights imaginable for under $100. Yeah, you heard that right. So why should you be so excited about Turnt Up Tours?

Never Party Alone

"Turnt Up Tours was formed to bring together various party-goers from all over the world into one tour where new relationships can be made to cultivate memories that will last forever." 

Party With People Who Know The City

"Turnt Up Tours was founded and is currently owned by three partners who have a combined nightlife experience of over 12 years. Together they found a niche where they could take advantage of their nightlife networks and provide the wildest parties." 

You Have A Say

"Turnt Up Tours takes requests from our guests to determine the most popular clubs for our customers for that specific weekend... We have a large variety of nightclubs that we select from to determine our line-up for the weekend." 

Free Drinks

On the Turnt Up Party Bus, you'll be offered complimentary drinks. And you know what that means...   So plan your trip to Las Vegas today and get ready to turn up with Turnt Up Tours! And remember to fill out our Event Sponsorship Request for all of your non-Vegas party needs!   Don't Ruin The Party. Please Drink Responsibly. 

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