We're Bringing The Party To You! BeatBox Just Hit 161 HEB Locations In Texas!

HEB is no stranger to BeatBox. We began working with HEB in the Summer of 2014 preceding our appearance on Shark Tank, and since then our sales have continued to increase and our brand has continued to grow. In the last several months however, some big changes have happened, including our appearance on the Shark Tank follow up series "Beyond The Tank" and the release of our new flavor Fruit Punch. Here's what Waka Flocka had to say about it...  

@wakaflocka decided to try out our new #FruitPunch flavor. We think it's safe to say he liked it. 😂 🙌

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  The response we have received from all of this has been incredible. 100 case displays (that's 400 boxes people) have been cleared out in the celebration of Texas's own Chilifest, and many other huge festivals and events in states across the nation. And now, we are totally pumped to announce that..

HEB has decided to expand distribution to 161 locations in Texas.

What is one large step for BeatBox is one massive step for parties across the state, and the word is already spreading like wildfire in our new locations.   IMG_7022 (1)  IMG_7028   IMG_7021   So what are you waiting for!? Use our store locator to join the party and find the store closest to you that carries BeatBox. Don't Ruin The Party. Please Drink Responsibly. 

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