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BeatBox & Doggface | 12 pack Cranberry Dreams | 11.1% abv

BeatBox & Doggface

11.1% abv




Cranberry Dreams is our exciting new flavor that was developed in collaboration with viral social media star Doggface! It's the classic Cranberry flavor packed with an 11.1% punch!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mary Montez

From time of order to deliver was way TOO LONG. once I did receive my order it was flat perhaps the alcohol evaporated

Eduardo Rodriguez
Beatbox Fam

Cranberry dreams will hands down be my favorite flavor it’s like drinking cranberry juice

Love them

These are my go-to drink. My question is how are they $3.50 each at all the gas stations around here but you're selling them directly from the website for $60 a 12pack? That's $5 each to buy direct. I don't understand. I came here hoping to stock up but for $42 a 12pack I'll drive to the gas station. Love the drinks tho!

Karri Collins

Very helpful and love the drink

Beatbox is the best!!

Beatbox is my absolute favorite I’ve been drinking it for quite a while and then they came out with cranberry dreams and it is my absolute favorite there is nothing better than cranberry dreams!! I couldn’t even begin to tell you just how much money I’ve spent on these drinks! I stock up every other day! No alcohol or wine compares to this!!! These is truly amazing!! Love love love beatbox!!

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