Apocalypse: Zombieland 2023

Apocalypse: Zombieland 2023

Hello Apocalypse Zombieland Festival in Long Beach, CA! 

First of its kind, Bass and Beatbox were the stars of the very first BASSRUSH presented dubstep festival at the Queen Mary for the two-day music festival on Nov 24-25. This EDM subgenre LOVED BeatBox!

Everywhere you looked, people were drinking BeatBox, buying BeatBoxes for the whole crew, head banging in the crowds with them, taking photos with the zombies holding BeatBox, you name it. WE WERE EVERYWHERE.

We sold 4 flavors and offered samples that greatly increased real time conversions with fans. Our activation was the Graffiti wall with a custom border from our previous weekend at Dreamstate for day 1 and then a zombie'fied BeatBox Green Apple inspired wall for day 2. We gave out some of our swag items like popsockets, BeatBox fans, and more!

Check out some photos below and make sure to follow us on our social channels.