#BeatBoring Contest - Fun Isn't Cancelled

#BeatBoring Contest - Fun Isn't Cancelled

beatbox beatboring contest

While 2020 is looking a little different this year, we’re making the most of an otherwise challenging time in life. Social-distancing is tough for anyone; it doesn’t discriminate and impacts us all. However, in launching BeatBox Beverages’ #BeatBoring campaign we’ve taken aim at spreading positivity to friends, family, and strangers who are united in their social isolation. Through this campaign, we are encouraging you, the ones who make all of this worth it, to show us and the world how you are entertaining yourself and others while we strive to responsibly address the current pandemic.

At Future Proof, we are aware of the ups and downs that come with running a small business. We consider ourselves fortunate to continue operating knowing many of our peers were not afforded the same opportunity. That is why we are now donating a dollar per #BeatBoring submission to the Small business Relief Fund, up to $2,000. After all, the SMB community is oftentimes left to look out for itself so let’s show the world what authenticity looks like. By spreading positivity during these uncertain times and raising money for our peers, we can help each other ride out the storm and sail smoothly into the future. Together.

Finally, we believe in the importance of relationships. In order for any of this to be possible, we must give our most sincere thanks to our wholesalers, distributors, and buyers for keeping the wheels turning. While we retreat to the safety of our own homes, they are the ones in the field keeping shelves stocked so we can all #BeatBoring from home. If we were to award an MVP trophy, we’d have to cast our vote for these individuals.

Let’s make the most of a bad situation. Just beyond this lies an epic reunion and we’ll be there to help celebrate the good times ahead. Let’s rally and help each other during this time. We look forward to the days of drinking BeaBox drinks together and dancing again all night in BeatBox shirts Until then, enjoy some of our favorite #BeatBoring submissions below.