Talk Nerdy To Me

Talk Nerdy To Me


Remember the Sonic slushees we would all get when we were kids? Yeah, well... we've crafted an “adult” version and it’s delicious. 

You’re going to need the following, so take notes:

Welcome back. Got everything? Of course you did, you animal! Get your blender and your biggest cup - you’re going to need it. 

Get it loaded with ice, then pour in 12 oz of Mike’s Hard, 4 oz of Sprite and half of the frozen Blue Razzberry BeatBox! 

Now blend it like Beckham… we’ll wait. 

Now...the climax of this saga. Carefully pour into your cup - no drips, no wasted liquids! Top it off with some nerds, mix that ish and there you have it - an adult slushie.

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