The Hot Tropic

The Hot Tropic

It's time to spike your seltzer.

With this drink you are combining the heat from a spicy marg and the sweetness of a seltzer all in one delicious drink. 

Here is what you'll need: 

-1 jalapeño pepper (approx six slices for muddling, 3 for garnish on top)

-crushed ice

-Beatbox Fruit Punch

-Greenbar Distillery Hibiscus spritzer (or any seltzer of your choice)


First grab the glass of your choice, and muddle your jalapenos, then add the crushed ice, next fill your glass about 80% with our Fruit Punch and stir, top it off with some seltzer and add your left over jalapenos for the spice and BOOM your new favorite drink is ready to be enjoyed. 

 More of a visual person check this:

Love from your cocktail qween