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Blue Razzberry | 11.1% abv - 12 pack

Blue Razzberry

11.1% abv - 12 pack




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Helena A.
major kick!

This one tastes the strongest out of all the options. But absolutely peachy!!!

It’s like drinking Kool-Aid

This was originally my favorite flavor and the hardest to find I like drinking it out of a glass with a few pieces of fruit. I also like mixing half blue raspberry with half tropical punch and a couple chunks of pineapple.

Michael Segatto

Blue Razzberry | 11.1% abv - 12 pack

Ryneshia Arrington

I received the box and almost all the tops where crashed I had to throw them away and they were inside another box so unsure how that could happen but I wasn't satisfied at all

Jewel Javonne
Welp… already need to place an order.. after a week.

I learned about these incredible full of sugar babies under the electric sky at Edc LV a month ago. I ordered some to my house and I sadly have 4 left after 1 week, whoops. I knew I should have charged my friends $15 for one but after some nose powder we smothered them down like a toddler and a bottle sippy cup of hi-c. They are VERY sugary but they’re so effing good, the buzz after one will make you want to giddy up on your bf or anyone for that matter. It would be awesome if they collaborated with Bang Energy but then I’d never sleep and probably mount just about anything.

Bottom line: spendy… but worth it! Yum. 😌

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