Freaky Deaky Halloween 2023

Freaky Deaky Halloween 2023


Freaky Deaky Festival in Austin, TX on Oct 28-29 had BeatBox beamed to new heights with BeatBox Green Apple’s latest flavor release! 

Freaky Deaky Halloween is an electrifying annual music festival that takes place around Halloween, renowned for its spectacular blend of heart-pounding electronic dance music and hauntingly themed stage designs. Held in various locations across the United States, the festival draws in crowds with its lineup of top-tier EDM artists and DJs, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of high-energy beats and vibrant light shows. The event encourages attendees to embrace the Halloween spirit, featuring costume contests, spooky decorations, and a uniquely eerie yet thrilling vibe perfect for dance music enthusiasts.

Our activation zone was a UFO-themed hub with a green apple flair and became the heart of the festival. Our sampling bar and photo backdrops, under the glow of UV lights and lasers, became the hotspot for festival selfies and samples. The claw machine with BEATBOX swag was a fan favorite, alongside our fluorescent party beyond the grave photo backdrop that lit up at night! Our slushie machine and VIP bar inflatable were hits, and influencer collaborations amplified our new flavor reveal, navigating attendees right to us.

Hope to see you next year!


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