WAP- Watermelon and Patron duh

WAP- Watermelon and Patron duh


We all know the classic Margarita but sometimes you want a twist to it (or am I the only one?)

So we decided to take your good ol margarita and spruce it up. 

Get your notebooks out cause here is what you’ll need:

  • Watermelon chunks 
  • Limes
  • Fresh Watermelon BeatBox
  • Your preference of Tequila 
  • Watermelon candies 
  • Tajin 
  • Chamoy 
  • A blender 

We’ll be waiting here while you run to the grocery store, but hurry up. No rush, just make it quick.


Add 2 cups of fresh watermelon chunks, 1 shot of your preferred tequila followed by a 3rd of Fresh Watermelon BeatBox (throw an extra splash in there, cause why not), then add some pieces of the watermelon candy, squeeze the juice of 2 limes and add a dash of tajin if you’re feelin it. Now blend. Blend it so good.

While your drink is blending grab your margarita class and salt the rim with a mixture of tajin and chamoy. Pour your drink into that beautiful glass and garnish with a piece of watermelon before you head to the couch and make impulsive purchases because you’re “feeling good”.  

More of a visual person? Check this:https://www.tiktok.com/@ricky.q/video/6854608500442615046

Have your tastebuds thank us later. 


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Love from your cocktail qween,